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Smart collars coupled with a simple app

Halters leading-edge hardware and state-of-the-art software deliver an unparalleled farm management tool. Solar-powered, GPS-enabled smart collars are fitted to each dairy cow and coupled with a simple app that allows farmers to remotely shift, virtually fence and proactively monitor their cows’ health, feed and behaviour.

Simple Cues

We use sound and vibration to gently guide your girls. Cows move at their own pace, removing any need for stressful herding and drafting techniques.

Gentle training

Clover's dedicated team provides guidance and support for onboarding. Within one week days our cows can navigate around a farm using their collar.​


Audio cues always indicate to a cow that she is moving towards a virtual fence. Should a cow ignore these prompts, a short pulse will stop her from exiting the break.

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