We are seeking a Co-Founder!

About Clover

Clover is a mission-driven agtech company with the mission of unlocking the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals to diversify the agricultural system. Clover’s creates affordable, interoperable hardware for Automated Animal Management – a method of guiding animals around a farm without constant intervention by the farmer, and a key mechanism towards more regenerative agricultural practices.


Most farmers are already driven to become better stewards of their land and become independent from the big agricultural companies, but they typically need to move one step at a time. Automated Animal Management is a powerful tool for supporting farmers in their journey towards more profitable and sustainable agriculture. Clover’s solutions can directly add value to farmers from the start while building trustful relationships, and in the process  influence farmers to diversify their farm and become more regenerative over time. 


Clover’s first product & service is a collar for cows used in dairy farming. Through sound and vibrations, cows are trained to follow instructions about where to walk and graze. In combination with GPS, this takes away the need for fencing and enables activities like stripgrazing and more advanced animal-integrated agriculture. Clover’s collar removes much of the complexity and labor involved with animal agriculture, while opening the door for farmers to integrate more fully with nature.


Clover’s strategy is to start with dairy farming in The Netherlands, which has a significant impact on the world, and to help these farms to become mixed farms. We will then expand to dairy farming throughout Europe, followed by other farming systems.


Clover began earlier this year, in April 2022, and is currently part of the Fresh Ventures studio.

The Team

Who We Are


Chris Bloomfield

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Chris grew up in rural New Zealand, surrounded by farming and animals. He studied robotics engineering and went on to work at a series of startups, developing significant business expertise along the way. Chris believes in the potential of technology to help society overcome its environmental challenges. At Clover, Chris drives the technical development and product strategy.


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Daniel Reisman

Co-Founder & People Lead

Daniel grew up in the Netherlands and spent most of his life learning about leadership and interpersonal skills. After having graduated from Knowmads innovative business school, he held a series of positions where he developed an expertise in sales, business development, and project management. Daniel now combines these expertises with his deep passion for ecology and nature restoration. At Clover, Daniel focuses on building the team, farmer relations and drives product implementation.


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Seeking: Commercial Co-Founder

Clover is looking for a third member of its founding team who specializes in commercial thinking and execution. We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is passionate about sustainable and regenerative agriculture

  • Has a solid foundation of business and marketing experience

  • Has experience in working in hardware development and supply chain

  • Is interested in using technology to transform the agrifood system

  • Has prior startup experience and dealt with impact-driven innovation and product development

  • Is preferably located in The Netherlands

We offer: 

  • A key leadership position as co-founder with a fair share of equity  

  • A highly motivated, fun and go getting team, with a serious track record 

  • An opportunity to make a big impact on one of the most impactful industries 


You will thrive with us if:​

  • You deal well with unstructured and ambiguous entrepreneurial environments

  • You are optimistic but grounded in the reality of what it takes to make a change

  • You are comfortable taking responsibility and ready to help lay the foundations of a mission driven venture. 

  • You are into openness and transparency company culture, both on a personal and company level 

  • You like to travel, explore and learn - keeping a close ear to the ground and farmers’ reality


If it sounds like it could be you, please reach out to us for an initial conversation.

Get in touch

Exploring a co-founder relationship is much different than hiring someone or looking for a job. It’s a process of getting to know each other and working together in ways that bring both sides value no matter the outcome. A first step is getting a better sense of you as a person and your thinking and interests. If interested to explore possibilities, please reach out to us at info@cloverag.eu.  From there we will see what happens!