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The future of farming

We believe that farms with a diverse mix of crops, animals, and nature are the future. We are developing technology to help farmers create diversity.


Diversity is key but hard work

Diversity on farm leads to a more natural balanced system where plants and animals enhance each other symbiotically. The result is less chemical inputs and more food per hectare. However, diversity also means more work. We use technology and automation as a tool to make diversity simple and easy.  

Technology for farmers

More specifically, we developing technology that unlocks diverse methods of livestock farming, starting with dairy. We find and build technology that we believe will change dairy farming in Europe for the better.


We are starting by building a collar system paired with an app that can be used to virtually guide cows around a farm. This technology will make animal management stress free and improve the lives of both the farmers and the animals involved. All this while improving environmental outcomes. 


Better for Farmers
Better for the Animals
Better for the Planet

Our technology makes it possible to farm animals in a way that works for everyone. By taking the hard work out of fencing, guiding and monitoring means animals can be integrated into their natural environment with flexibility and ease. For dairy farming this means more cows eating grass, lower feed and health costs, happier cows and more profit for the farmer. 

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Labour Free Grazing

Our collars, in combination with our app, means that setting up fences are just a few finger taps away. We train the cows to respond to sounds and vibrations which means you can guide them around the farm completely with our app. 


Lower Feeding Costs


Labour free grazing means that the cows can go outside more. Accurate and efficient pasture utilisation means you can grow more grass. Grass in the field is the cheapest feed for your cows so more fresh grass means more profits. 

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More Milk

The hyper flexibility of our system means that you can graze more efficiently and grow more grass. Combine this with our ability to send cows to the robot anytime and you get a higher milk production per cow.

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Detailed Data

Our collars are solar powered. That means we have the power to collect more data than any other kind of collar. This means super accurate heat detection and health alerts that save you time and money.


Our Partners

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